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The ISIS March To Kobani And The Threat Of Another Massacre

Thursday, October 2, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

News of the Ebola case and the meltdown at the Secret Service have mostly knocked reports of ISIS’ advance on the Syrian town off the front page and lead stories.  (Kudos to Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and CNN generally for keeping the offensive front and center, and this report from CBS News is the most recent, and it predicts street by street battles shortly.)  It looks like another massacre in the making, and U.S. airstrikes, if even directed at this advance, aren’t stopping it.  The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had “real fears” that the militants would storm Kobani and “butcher civilians remaining in the city.”

My guest in hour three yesterday, Princeton academic Christian Sahner is simply the best informed American I have met on Syria, having spent so much time there during his Rhodes Scholarship and a post-fellowship year in Beirut in 2011-12.  He is also fluent in Arabic and deeply knowledgeable about Syrian history.  Every cable news channel should be grabbing him as an expert.  Plus he’s a terrific guest, and though good on radio, will be even better on cable television.  You can follow him on Twitter @ccsahner.

His new book, Among the Ruins, Syria Past and Present, reads like the best work from Robert Kaplan, Lee Smith, Robin Wright


and Lawrence Wright, and later today the audio and transcript of yesterday’s interview will be posted below.




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A Very Bad Night For Al Frank As Mike McFadden Pummels Him In Debate

Thursday, October 2, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mike McFadden had a very good night in his debate with Al Franken yesterday.

The choice is clear: A failed comedian or a successful businessman.  Watch that space.  And visit to help out.

Brussels Airlines Flight 1247; United Flights 951 and 822: This Is How It Works Now, CDC

Thursday, October 2, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

If the CDC doesn’t understand how information flows today, how can it be on top of how disease spreads?  What if it is run like the IRS, the VA, the EPA, the Secret Service, the State Department “investigating” Benghazi?

The CDC didn’t want Americans to know which flights the U.S.’s first unannounced Ebla patient took.  This was a paternalistic, elitist, stubborn and from-the-start-doomed-to-fail-attitude of “we know best and the public is too stupid to not panic” attitude that was doomed to fail.

I had used Twitter to post the over/under of flight number disclosure at Friday AM.  It was way under, and I was able to broadcast the two United flight numbers on Wednesday’s show, and the third flight –suspected, not confirmed– was in today’s detailed story in the Mail Online.

No one is going to panic who was on those planes though I suspect if anyone feels ill they will be quicker to the emergency room.  But the CDC should release how long Mr. Duncan was on the ground at Washington Dulles –again, we know they say he wasn’t symptomatic and thus not contagious at the time– and where he went, as well as the most detailed timeline of his movements in Dallas, down the to the minute when he was contagious.

Information and transparency is the most powerful suppression of alarm, and an agency that leans forward into the media at every level is one that is genuinely committed to stopping panic now and whenever case #2 arrives.  The CDC doesn’t seem to realize that not only has information flow vastly accelerated, so has the credibility gap for all federal agencies that have been run in whole or part by Team Obama for most of the past six years.

RNC Chair Reince Preibus On Agenda 2015

Wednesday, October 1, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Reince Priebus is the chair of the Republican National Committee and will speak tomorrow at George Washington University on the subject of the principles that bind together the GOP as opposed to those few issues which divide the party.  He joined me on Wednesday’s show:




HH: I begin today with the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Chairman Reince Priebus, who’s going to give a speech tomorrow that will probably be a major point in this campaign’s closing 33 days as of tomorrow, 34 as of today. Chairman Priebus, welcome back.

RP: Hey, I’m happy to be on the show, Hugh, thanks for having me.

HH: Crowded news environment.

RP: Yeah. Continue Reading

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