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Unintended Consequences – Spiritual Edition

Wednesday, December 7, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

So yesterday James Taranto entitled  in his “Best of the Web” newsletter:

It’s Not You, It’s Trump

In it he recounts numerous stories showing up in various, primarily left-leaning, press outlets about how people are having severe mental and emotional trouble coping with the results of the election just past.  One story Taranto shares is about a woman who decides she can no longer carry on a dating relationship she is in due to her angst at the outcome of the election.  The title of the newsletter is Taranto’s quip to summarize the story.  One’s initial reaction to these stories is to laugh.

But Taranto’s title is far deeper than I think even he suspects and I soon found myself quite melancholy.  All the stories he tells, the stories I know personally, and the countless other stories that are simply not public are indicative of something very wrong in our nation.  Should we not as individuals be sufficiently strong emotionally and mentally to withstand such blows without need to act out in any of the fashions Taranto describes?  I think that in our efforts of the last several decades to “help people feel good about themselves” we have made them so dependent on outside stimulus for that affirmation that when it is withdrawn these reactions are actually quite natural.  Does not “It’s not you, it’s Trump” perfectly summarize such a thing.  No longer are we responsible for our well-being – mental, emotional or physical.  Moreover it is not our friends and family that are responsible for our sense of well-being – it is the government.  Let that sink in – it is both frightening and saddening. Continue Reading



Tuesday, December 6, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

Over at The Federalist, discussing how the media has lost all credibility, John Daniel Davidson says this:

The incident underscores a troubling lack of curiosity in the press that Trump’s election has done nothing to mitigate. Right now, the media should be asking themselves: Why did Trump win white college graduates? Why did he outperform Mitt Romney among blacks and Hispanics? Why did lifelong Democrats in the Rust Belt vote for him?

If the mainstream press wanted to understand and explain Trump’s appeal, they could talk to any one of the millions of ordinary Americans with non-crazy views who voted for him. Instead, the media have gravitated toward fringe supporters and conspiracy theorists—the New Hampshire lawmakers who claimed that millions of people voted illegally, the handful of white supremacists who praised Trump at a recent conference in Washington DC, the malign influence of Alex Jones and readers of Infowars.

Hewitt ran into something very similar in his interview with Van Jones last Friday:

VJ: Let me finish my point. I’m going someplace. I told you both parties had problems they won’t admit, and you just did it. The Democrats will not admit to their elitism and their failure to address the working-class in this country in terms that make sense. The Republicans are the party of colorblind meritocracy. That’s their party.

HH: That’s true.

VJ: And that’s beautiful. But they have also created a space for a bunch of bigots to come in the back door, and they won’t admit it.

HH: That is not true. Van…

VJ: Hold on.

HH: What percentage, what percentage do you believe of the Trump vote is white supremacist? What percentage?

VJ: Like outright, we hate black people?

HH: Yes.

VJ: Probably less than 1%.

There is a tendency among the Left, which unquestionably includes a lot of media, to focus very narrowly – to miss the bigger picture – to define an agenda when ofttimes circumstances define your agenda for you.  This contributes deeply to average American’s distrust of media, to their gullibility regarding so-called “fake news” and to Facebook becoming the way most people get their information.  But it also illustrates something else.  It illustrates a problem in the deepest parts of ourselves. Continue Reading

Strangers In Our Homeland

Sunday, December 4, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

What does it mean to be a Christian in the United States during a Trump administration?  The press, which thinks of Christianity merely as another identity, continues to wonder how it is Trump gained so much support from the Christian community.  Particularly when Trump’s profession of Christian faith and his very public lack of adherence to many of the norms of our faith puts us in uncharted territory.  All presidents in living memory have professed Christian faith of some variety and many have strayed as deeply as Trump – but none have flaunted it so blatantly.  This is a very new time for Christians in America.

I have written that Trump’s election creates an opportunity for Christianity in the nation to rediscover that it is far deeper and about much more than politics.  I have written that I think Trump’s election has allowed Evangelicals in particular to firmly establish that they are more about faith than identity.  I have also written that Trump’s election sets Christianity free of the active repression it has undergone during the Obama administration.  I believe Trump’s election bodes well for the faith, but it does so in historically new and unique ways. Continue Reading

Hugh and Van Jones Discuss Harvard Debacle

Friday, December 2, 2016  |  posted by Duane Patterson

The audio:


The transcript:

HH: If you had told me a year ago that General James Mattis would be the Secretary of Defense, that Donald Trump would be the President-elect, and that a Supreme Court appointment would be coming, and that Van Jones would be airing The Messy Truth on CNN, a year ago I was doing the CNN/Salem Media Group debate at the Reagan Library, all right? I was doing the CNN/Salem Media Group debate in Las Vegas. Nobody thought this would happen. But one of the great things of the last year is I got to know Van Jones, who’s really a wonderful guy. He’s always wrong. He’s just not rotten. Van, how are you, my friend?

VJ: (laughing) I’m fine. Good to hear your voice, sir.

HH: You know, Van, ever since I left CNN and went over to NBC, people have been dressing you in lavender shirts and purple ties. And I’ve got to get into the green room. I saw the clip of The View yesterday, and we’ve got to stop this.

VJ: Why? No, it’s, first of all, nobody dresses me. I may look young, but I’m old enough to dress myself. But it’s in honor of my friend, Prince, who died earlier this year. He and I were very close, and I got a chance to work together for not quite ten years on…

HH: Oh, I didn’t know that.

VJ: Yeah.

HH: Well, that’s then cool. I will forgive the fashion error then. This is a Prince tribute.

VJ: (laughing)

HH: Oh, that’s very cool. Van, tell us about The Messy Truth, then let’s get to the headlines from last night. What is The Messy Truth about that airs on Tuesday night?

VJ: It is about dialogue. I went to Trump country during the campaign. I didn’t wait until after the campaign, during the campaign, went into the homes of Trump voters. As you know, I’m a very strong Democrat. But I felt that we were in big danger that on the Wednesday after the election, we wouldn’t have a country, we’d be so divided. So I talked with Trump voters, including Trump voters in Ohio who voted for Obama twice and then voted… Continue Reading

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