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How To Spend $150 on The Senate and Statehouses In The Homestretch –15 Key Races at $10 Each

Tuesday, September 2, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Republicans are all but guaranteed pick-ups in Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia Senate races where Democrats have retired and the GOP has sent out three great candidates in Congressman Steve Daines, Governor Mike Rounds and Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito.

They are in danger of losing a seat nowhere, though noise about closing on David Perdue in Georgia and Mitch McConnell in Kentucky will continue until the end to try and keep at least some o f the GOP money off of the half dozen races which will decide the all-important  issue of control.  If you have cash to give to candidates in the next few weeks, and I hope you will dig deep to save the Supreme Court and especially the Department of Defense from more of Team Obama’s ruin than is unavoidable with him in the White House, then support:

Dan Sullivan in Alaska

Tom Cotton in Arkansas

Corey Gardner in Colorado

Joni Ernst in Iowa

Bill Cassidy in Louisiana

Terri Lynn Land in Michigan

Mike McFadden in Minnesota

Scott Brown in New Hampshire

Thom Tillis in North Carolina

Ed Gllespise in Virginia

Five  statehouse races need closing help from the grassroots as four are red and Democrats want to turn one blue for talking points purposes heading into 2016, and one –ion Colorado– is a keystone statehouse to taking back the White House.

Bob Beauprez in Colorado

Doug Ducey in Arizona

Sam Brownback in Kansas

John Kasich in Ohio

Scott Walker in Wisconsin

By spreading small contribution –$10 to each campaign or $25 or even $50 or $100– you are helping keep the Democrats stretched far too thin across both maps and the president headed to a thundering repudiation, the last referendum on him in office.  If for no other reason than to send a message of deep disgust with his policies and his fecklessness these past two years and especially the almost unbelievable disdain he has shown for protecting America’s interests in the world, dig deep and do so today as the campaigns head into the final four weeks of campaigning before absentees begin to flow out in most of these states.

Congressman John Campbell will be sitting in for me this week, but I will return from D.C. next week with an update on all these races.


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Two Labor Day Specials: The Ideology Of Labor, East and West, And Where It Has Brought Us

Sunday, August 31, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

First, my not-so-cheery Washington Examiner column on the meltdown all around us.

Second, a three hour Hillsdale Dialogue on tomorrow’s show with Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, and ProfessorsThomas West and Paul Moreno.  We will cover the nightmare ideology of Marx, its brutal application by Lenin and Stalin, and the history of American trade unionism and why it developed immunities to the virus that swept so much of the world to such deadly effect and which rages still in places like China, Cuba, North Korea and various venues in Central and South Ameerica under different guises and re-branding efforts, as well as in the work of some best-selling fabulists.

All of the Hillsdale Dialogues, now 85 and counting, are available here. Spend you next 85 workouts listening to those and you will be much better prepared for what is coming next.



What One Romney Interview Wrought

Friday, August 29, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

GOP 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney joined me on air Tuesday –the complete audio and transcript of the interview are here– and our brief conversation unleashed an avalanche of commentary.  Here’s a sample:




CNN State of the Union:


Commentary Magazine:


New Yorker: Continue Reading

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson On POTUS, Hillary

Friday, August 29, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson completed Badger week today, talking with me about President Obama’s presser today and Hillary’s memoir.

Audio of interview:


Transcript of interview:

HH: Pleased to welcome on Badger week when we’ve had Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s great Senator, Ron Johnson. Senator Johnson, welcome, good to have you on the program.

RJ: Hello, Hugh, how are you doing?

HH: I’m terrific. I’ve got a lot to cover with you, but I want to start, I haven’t talked to you since Hillary’s memoir came out, Hard Choices. And on Page 412, she writes about her hearing in front of your committee, “Some of the members of Congress asked thoughtful questions aimed at applying the hard lessons we had learned and improving future operations. Others remained fixated on chasing after conspiracy theories that had nothing to do with how we could prevent future tragedies. And some only showed up because of the cameras. They had skipped closed hearings when there wasn’t a chance of being on TV.” Skip a few paragraphs, and she goes, “I was asked about this repeatedly during my Congressional testimony. I personally was not focused on talking points. I was focused on keeping people safe, I responded. At one point during some particularly tendentious questioning, the exchange grew heated. Afterwards, some of my words were taken out of context for political purposes.” She didn’t mention you, Senator Johnson, but do you think you were being tendentious?

RJ: Absolutely not. I was just asking three simple questions. Madame Secretary, why didn’t you just get on the phone and call the survivors. You would have actually found out what happened. You would have found out that there was no protest, that the attack occurred, I think it started at 9:40, and you wouldn’t have had to mislead the American people for two weeks. So no, you know, apparently she just didn’t want to answer that kind of uncomfortable question. But it certainly wasn’t tendentious. Continue Reading

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