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There is Outrage and Much, Much More (UPDATED)

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UPDATE – 9/24/18

OK – I wrote the below last week when we were just dealing with Ford allegations in re: Kavanaugh.  And now, this morning we have the Ramirez allegations added.  I just have a single response –


No seriously – this is so obviously an attempt to delay the hearings until after the election in the hopes they can then control the Senate and kill the nomination.  Kavanaugh got through hearings, they were setting a vote, and Bingo! up pops the Ford allegations.  They come to an agreement with Ford to get her heard and a vote set and here comes Ramirez.  The timing is too perfect.  There is just enough information to require investigation (delay) but not enough to actually be actionable.  What makes them think we are going to buy this?

More importantly, let’s talk about the real victimization here.  We have now two women who have clearly been hurt in the past – and we have Democrat operatives manipulating them, making them subject to public, PUBLIC!, humiliation concerning their past pain for political gain.  And once all this is over, do you think those same operatives are going to offer these women the kind of emotional support they will need after airing all this in front of the nation?  I don’t.  These women are going to be run through a Democrat/media grist mill and left ground up, reconstituted into nothing.  There is a lot to be outraged about, but that is the most outrageous, that in the name of helping victims, they would victimize them.

And now back to the original post…



The host tweeted this morning:

He has that right – to a point.  Number one, everybody is willing to assume that Dr. Ford has suffered some sort of injury and that it has festered in her life for a long time.  Everybody is sympathetic and wants to help her.  But I think he understates by simply saying people are “outraged,” this is beyond that.  I think “Mad as hell,”might just cover it.  Some people are dealing with their anger using humor, but honestly sometimes the resentment runs so deep that the humor just does not give it adequate ventilation.

If you think about it, the very election of Donald Trump is an expression of the outrage.  People are so fed up with this kind of nonsense that they voted completely and totally outside-the-box.  And yet the rest of Washington does not seem to have received the message and all that does is add frustration to people’s already existing outrage.  Since people do not seem to be getting the message, I want to make a list of a few things that come to mind, I am sure you, the reader, have a few of your own.

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The Source of Our Moral Obtuseness

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The Friday WSJ carried an op-ed by a Lit Prof from Drexel University that said an over-emphasis on STEM education could account for the moral obtuseness so evident today.  The piece really does do a marvelous job of diagnosing the problem:

The great works of literature, history and philosophy that used to be at the center of a college education have been shunted to the sidelines or discarded entirely over the past two decades or more. This is a loss on many fronts, but one example is the debate around Asia Argento. One of the first whistle-blowers against Harvey Weinstein, Ms. Argento has since been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year old boy.

For some, Ms. Argento’s action cancels out her earlier complaint. Others feel the need to dismiss the accusation against her as either fraudulent or trivial. Both approaches strike me as ignorant. This woman could certainly have been the victim of abuse and still be herself a perpetrator. One doesn’t negate the other. It simply shows that people can be blind where they should be most acutely conscious. We see this all the time when our friends complain about traits in others that are prominent in themselves.

Few people seem to be able to reconcile two overlapping truths—that someone can have a valid grievance in one context and be guilty of some version of the same thing in another. I see this as a failure of education. By “education,” I do not mean the workshops that teach us what not to say or do to avoid offending others. That is training, not education (and I’m not sure how well it actually sticks).

And in that quote, in the differentiation of training and education, she begins to get to the true heart of the problem.  But her conclusion:

The emphasis on STEM fields in higher education reflects the need for expertise in a high-tech world. But this has tended to make the “soft” fields of the humanities seem weak and easy. Science, engineering and finance may be hard, but literature, history and philosophy are complex—impossible to resolve with a yes-or-no, right-or-wrong answer. This is precisely what constitutes their importance as a tool for living. Metaphysics takes its name from the idea that it goes beyond “hard” science into the realm of moral and intellectual speculation, where no empirical proof is possible.

The humanities teach understanding, but they also teach humility: that we may be wrong and our enemies may be right, that the past can be criticized without our necessarily feeling superior to it, that people’s professed motives are not the whole story, and that the division of the world into oppressors and victims is a simplistic fairy tale.

We speak about the decline of the humanities without fully recognizing how it has hurt our society. If we want our nation to heal and thrive, we must put the study of literature, history and philosophy back at the center of our curricula and require that students study complex works—not just difficult ones.

undoes what she is trying to accomplish.  The piece is, frankly, maddening.

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Sunday Thoughts

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Two articles appeared this past Friday well worth of reflecting upon on a Sunday morning.  The first is from Victor Davis Hanson in which he wonders if we are on the verge of civil war.  The other is from Jonathon Tobin is which he wonders if Democrat behavior concerning the Kavanaugh nomination justifies much that is Trumpian.  The politics of these pieces are most interesting, but I am far more concerned about what they say about the American soul.

It is worthy of note that the Israel into which Jesus was born was a devoted and deeply religious state.  Yes, it was under Roman occupation and oppression, but they were still allowed to robustly practice their Jewish faith.  They were still plainly God’s chosen people.  But something was amiss.  Jesus saved His wrath not for Roman officialdom, but for the Jewish officialdom.  Christ’s condemnations were aimed at the Jewish hierarchy of the day, not the Roman one.  Something was amiss in Israel; outwardly faithful, their soul was sick.

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Second Lady Karen Pence

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Karen Pence, Second Lady of the United States joined me this morning to discuss her campaign to support military spouses:




HH: I am so pleased, honored to welcome the Second Lady of the United States, Karen Pence, to the program. Mrs. Pence, welcome, it’s great to have you on the show.

KP: Thank you, Hugh. It’s great to be with you this morning.

HH: I want to begin by thanking you. I saw a story in the Military Times, Karen Pence Opens Campaign To Help Support Military Spouses, and I immediately said let’s reach out to her and see how we can help. What are you up to? And thank you for doing it.

KP: Well, thanks, Hugh. You know, we just started to realize that our military spouses are kind of a unique population. And they contribute so much and play such a significant role in the defense of our country. And I think people don’t realize that. And more than anything, we just want to come alongside, and we want to say we are with you, we support you, we appreciate you.

HH: They have so many unique challenges. Often, their spouse disappears overnight. Often, they’re left to move on short notice. Often, they move often, and they cannot find work because of licensing, and I believe you’re focused on licensing specifically.

KP: Well, we are, and you know, it’s something that changes all the time. So right when you think oh, we’ve got the licensing going, you know, it’s a state issue. And state legislatures change all the time. But it is something that is tricky for our military spouses. We’re making a lot of headway with state legislatures, but then, for example, maybe a state will say yes, we will accept your license from another state when you move, because you’re a military spouse. But maybe they don’t get that information to that particular organization, and so when the military spouse moves and calls, and says you know, I have this career, and she calls her organization and says you know, can you accept my license, maybe the person answering the phone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. So it’s a matter of getting everybody informed and on the same page as well.

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