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Talking What Donald Trump Said Wednesday With James Hohmann of the Washington Post’s Daily 202

Thursday, July 28, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

James Hohmann of the Washington Post was the third journalist I discussed Donald Trump’s press conference Wednesday with on this morning’s show:




HH: From the Daily 202 at the Washington Post, I’m joined by James Hohmann, who debuted his podcast with me and others in Cleveland. Are you doing another 202 podcast from Philadelphia, James Hohmann?

JH: We did, and it was with Jerry Brown. It was quite fun.

HH: Oh, that’s terrific. Was his wonderful wife and my law school classmate and seatmate, Ann Gust, with him?

JH: That’s right. She was not.

HH: Oh, it’s too bad. I could have planted a torts question. I had to bail her out all the time in torts. Hohmann, let me ask you about this Donald Trump. I’ve been talking to everyone about it. Chuck Todd and I talked about it. Todd thinks he conflated the DNC and the Hillary emails purposefully. I think he did the right thing and called attention to the emails. Chris Cillizza, Cillizza agrees with me. And so I’ve got Chuck Todd thinking that Trump misplayed it, and Chris Cillizza thinking he made the right point. What do you think about what Trump did?

JH: I think it’s somewhere in between, Hugh. I honestly do. I think you know, the elites, and a lot of the chattering class and the foreign policy establishment are freaking out. But I do think, one, it steps on Hillary’s coronation, two, in the minds of a lot of people, it does make the DNC email leak and the Hillary private server of the same issue. On the other hand, I can see why it’s very possible Trump did overplay his hand. You know, he had a winning issue. The DNC leaks are incredibly damaging. The Hillary email server continues to be damaging. Hillary is not viewed as trustworthy. And now, the whole conversation is about you know, Trump seeming to be friendly with Putin. Obviously, I think some of that’s being overstated and overplayed. The Clinton campaign will use it endlessly. So I don’t think it’s a complete clear cut win, but you’re absolutely right. I do think Trump is being more strategic than he’s given credit for from the mainstream media. But at the same time, I think he might not be thinking through, you know, all the moves on the chessboard. Continue Reading


Chris Cillizza On What Donald Trump Said And Didn’t Say Wednesday

Thursday, July 28, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza joined me today to discuss the Donald Trump presser yesterday.  Chris agrees with me that characterizations of Trump’s remarks yesterday as an invitation to the Russians to hack into Secretary Clinton’s server now are wrong:




HH: Joined now by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post. You can read his Fix column every single day. You can get it by email as well. Chris, how do people sign up for The Fix? Welcome.

CC: Thank you. Send me an email. Put subscribe, Hugh Hewitt, put whatever you want in the subject line, and I’ll add you to the list.

HH: It’s very important to get it and read it. It’s very entertaining. Chris, I asked Chuck Todd this last segment, so I want to ask you. As between Cleveland and Philadelphia on a logistical level only, who’s putting on a better show?

CC: Oh, Cleveland, not close. Not close.

HH: Just like the Cavs.

CC: I mean, look, I always, one thing I think that people miss when they, you know, do their media critiques is a lot of it is just like any other job. It’s logistics – how fast can I get from this place to this place? You know, does the wi-fi work? Is there air conditioning there? You know, and in Cleveland, and this is rare, because it’s a little bit smaller city, they basically shut the city down. And the walk from the media filing center to the Quicken Loans Arena to E. 4th Street where you know, all the media and TV hits were, was 15 minutes. That is not the case here. Wells Fargo Center is you know, way in South Philly, 25 minutes away from hotels, basically everything else. Continue Reading

Talking What Donald Trump Said And Did Not Say With Chuck Todd

Thursday, July 28, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Chuck Todd joined me for our regular Thursday morning chat, most of which concerns what Donald Trump said and didn’t say Wednesday:




HH: In and out of both arenas over two weeks, Chuck Todd, indefatigable, he has been both at the Q and in Philadelphia. I think he’s living at the arenas. Chuck Todd, good morning from Meet the Press, good to have you.

CT: Good morning, sir. Day 14 on the road here.

HH: Let me begin, objective question, nothing to do with politics. Logistically speaking, who’s putting on a better convention for someone like you who has to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between hotel and a thousand different points of standing in the convention hall?

CT: Look at you. You’re just, you’re an Ohio guy and you know what I’m going to say here.

HH: (laughing)

CT: Look, I was, my hotel was walking distance from the Q. And the Q was downtown. Philadelphia is modeled after other cities that put all their stadiums in one part of town, which for city planning was smart, perhaps, for traffic, but it does mean you’re constantly always having to drive to the arena and back to where you’re staying. And that’s where I think you just get a little bit, we’ve been lucky. I mean, the logistics aren’t too bad. Part of it is it’s sort of like, it’s like a basketball or a football game. You either leave early, or you either leave before everybody goes, or you leave after everybody leaves. Continue Reading

This “Disgusting” Election

Tuesday, July 26, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

This cycle party unity appears not around the candidate, but around opposition to the other teams candidate.  It seems like nobody loves their candidate, some are even disgusted by their candidate, but everybody knows their candidate is better than the other sides candidate.  Somebody is going to win this election, so my question is how will the nation function when whoever wins will be so utterly reviled by the opposition, and not terribly adored by their own side?  After eight years of the “my way or the highway” administration running an almost entirely negative election does not strike this commentator as a bright idea.

The United States is at its best when it is animated by a positive and optimistic outlook.  Even when confronted by a crisis, this nation has overcome by knowing it can make something better from that crisis.  That said, in light of this election cycle, I again ask, how are we going to be the nation we have been historically?  There is no vision in this election, there is only opposition.  Is it really true that all we have as a nation is complaint and dissatisfaction?

It may be true that such is all we have in our electoral politics, but it is my sincere hope and prayer that we have more as a nation – we just need to look for it in different places. Continue Reading

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