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Our Sad World Revealed

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As our Democrat friends drop their political pants, they are revealing much more than their political goals and aspirations.  Consider.  Even with her bright smile, good nature, and misinformed bumbling AOC has deeply hurt New Yorkers by trumpeting, if not costing, the area tens of thousands of jobs.  Ilhan Omar is simply hate filled.  I am well aware that in saying such I sound like some sort of old hippie – but honestly, look at the woman’s comments and demeanor and tell me I am wrong.

Then there is Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.  The sheer chutzpah involved in his “toughing it out” and remaining on the job reveals an abhorrent level of arrogance, all too common these days.  But there is something about his particular issues that is deeply frightening.  What is truly frightening is his graphic description of allowing a newborn to pass away.  For several months now I have prayed daily for the newborn child of a friend, a child born unable to live without massive medical and mechanical assistance – precisely the kind of child that Gov. Northam would consider allowing to expire.  As the months have progressed my prayers of intercession are transitioning to prayers of praise and thanksgiving as the child grows stronger and stronger.  Thus I have been able to imagine myself having precisely the conversation that Gov. Northam proposed.  That conversation imagined is frightening not because of its inherent cruelty, but because of its commonality.  It is much the same conversation that the nation had in a verbal knife fight over Terri Schiavo.  It is much the same conversation I had more than once regarding my mother during the last decade of her dementia impaired life.  There are thousands of such conversations in this nation daily.  That scares me to death.

These Democrat “reveals” are great politics if you are a Republican.  And I am.  It is very easy, and very tempting, to get a little too celebratory by focusing on the politics.  And I have.  But if we focus on a deeper level we see a nation, reflected in these elected individuals, that is deeply and massively troubled.  Because the issues are, if we face them square on, much deeper than politics, so must the response be.

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Being Conservative

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Peggy Noonan wrote one of her masterpieces and it appeared at WSJ today.  She is dealing with the hard left turn the Democrats are taking and calling for a response from Republicans.  She is undeniably right on.  But I want o focus on just a couple of lines she wrote in this great, great piece:

…Democrats are not only going left, they will do it badly. They will lurch, they will be spurred by anger and abstractions, they will be destructive. They really would kill the goose that laid the golden egg, because they feel no loyalty to it.


The natural job of conservatives is to conserve….

I have been thinking  a lot about the nature of conservation lately.  I recently attended a performance of Shakespeare that was deeply troubling – deeply.  I do not wish to pick on the particular institution offering the performance, nor the performers, directors and crew involved so I will offer no more detail.  What I will comment on is that the play was radically altered from what I read in high school.  Of course, it was in a left leaning direction, but that is almost immaterial.  The point was that those putting this presentation together thought themselves somehow better and smarter than the original author and had no problem appropriating it to their ends.  This is actually pretty common with Shakespeare anymore which is why I do not want to pick on anybody specific.  In the end it is a deeply selfish act.  This is part of what Noonan is talking about when she says, “…they will do it badly.”

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Democrats Press Green New Deal While Socialism Breaks Venezuela

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This week on the Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt –

Among the great conversations on the Green New Deal:  Senator Tom Cotton joins Hugh Hewitt to discuss how this absurd plan has found favor among key Democrats.  And fellow Salem host Dennis Prager speaks with economist Alex Epstein on how the plan would devastate our economy.

Also, Larry Elder tackles socialism in his home state of California.  And Focus on the Family president Jim Daly explains their latest effort to stop late-term abortion.

The podcast can be found right here.

Take a listen.  Sign up, and get a daily email with a marvelous segment of the best in talk radio.

Perpetuating Unhappiness

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FDR’s New Deal arose at a time of serious existential crisis.  The unemployment rate was 25%.  All any American, if they were not deeply experiencing the Great Depression themselves, had to do was look to their neighbor or a street corner to know there were serious issues.  Agree or disagree with the particular policies of FDR in the New Deal, the fact that something had to happen was undeniable.  The “Green New Deal” is an entirely different animal.  The crisis it purports to respond to is something that 1) not all Americans agree is a crisis, and 2) you have to mine vast hordes of data to actually detect.  There is massive debate about whether the best response to climate change (or whatever the term du jour is) is to cope with it or to try and halt it.  The Green New Deal does not respond to an obvious crisis, but given that it has not already died of embarrassment, it responds to a crisis that many Americans think…feel…sense needs a response.

When people sense a “crisis” more than they observe it, such “crisis” is generally a reflection as much of their own attitude as it is the facts on the ground.  There are a lot of Americans that are apprehensive about their future.  That apprehension has found a place to reside in concerns about climate change.  I would argue that this is a result of being unmoored from faith, which is certainly where I turn to deal with my ungrounded apprehension.  But that is a different post, as just linked.  A state of apprehension is not a happy state in which to exist, yet apparently many Americans are living there.  And this in a time of great prosperity.  The sad thing about the GND is that in the end it perpetuates that unhappy state.

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