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“And They’re Off”

Sunday, December 21, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt


My Monday Washington Examiner column is on the quick start on 2016 called by Jeb Bush.

Another potential contender, Senator Marco Rubio, used Meet The Press to slam President Obama’s Cuba move and his overall foreign policy.  Sounding more like a presidential candidate than a Senate candidate, though of course a Senate candidate from Florida loves to argue this case on the most prestigious of the Sunday shows.

In this Nov. 20, 2014, file photo, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush gives the keynote address at the National Summit on Education Reform in Washington. On Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014, Bush took his most definitive step yet toward running for president, announcing plans to "actively explore" a campaign and form a new political operation allowing him to raise money for like-minded Republicans. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
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“Tame By Christie’s Volcanic Standards”

Sunday, December 21, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt




This David Farenhold piece in the Washington Post is clearly an early entry in the “define the candidates” sweepstakes getting underway as the race to succeed President Obama gets underway, and it makes no mention whatsoever of the screened-off insularity of electeds like the president which is a much more objectionable problem in a democratic republic than a governor who engages often with voters and lets his feelings show when actually answering unscripted questions from the public. Farenhold counts “at least 14 raised-voice confrontations with regular people” over the 5-plus years of Christie’s tenure as governor, which includes “127 town-hall meetings across the state,” and who knows how many political events open to a curious public and provocateurs alike like the event with Meg Whitman recounted in the story.

“Trackers” are ubiquitous, recording every moment of every public figure so if there are other Christie “confrontations,” Farenhold would know about them, just as he knows about the Whitman event.   As ubiquitous as trackers are “narratives,” and “volcanic” is a narrative MSM has already tattooed on the New Jersey governor just as “no drama” got attached to the president when “detached, disinterested, clueless and out-of-touch” could have easily served with the president and “passionate and engaged with an occasional direct, even head-on confrontational style” would work with Christie.

The MSM loves its power to shape campaigns past and present. 2016 is underway and so is the caging of Christie behind the bars marked “volcanic and confrontational.” Every other GOPer will get short-handed in some way shape or form. Mrs. Clinton? Look for “steady,” “experienced,” “unflappable if somewhat predictable, even dull” instead of “isolated, thin-skinned and glass-jawed.”  Nothing to be done about it except developing an eye for the editorial comment wrapped inside of a description.

Chuck Todd On Cuba, Sony, And The Rumored Knife Fight For Donors Between Jeb Bush And Chris Christie

Friday, December 19, 2014  |  posted by Duane Patterson

The moderator of Meet The Press always has insight, and does here in an interview with guest host, Ed Morrissey.

The Audio:


The Transcript:

EM: Joining me on the line now, NBC News correspondent and Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd. Welcome to the show, sir.

CT: Mr. Morrissey, always a pleasure.

EM: Mr. Todd, always a pleasure to speak with you as well. And today was a pretty busy day in Washington, Barack Obama giving his final 2014 press conference mostly focusing on the Sony hack in North Korea and his change of diplomatic policy with Cuba. Now we’ve talked a little bit about the Sony hack in the first hour. Let’s talk a little bit about the Cuba policy. This is a big change. This was obviously Obama being proactive, getting an opportunity to do something on his own, and changing the narrative a little bit. Looking at this from the perspective of today’s press conference, do you think that he’s, that he was successful in changing the idea of the lame duck trailing into two years of irrelevance?

CT: When you look at these last six weeks, I mean, you think about he could have responded, post-election, and where the types of stories that could be written, and all these things, I mean, he’s dictating the terms of the debate, right? That’s ultimately, a president doesn’t want to lose that ability ever. It eventually does happen. New presidential elections happen, and there’s going to be a point that that’s going to happen as a natural occurrence. But I certainly think he has successfully prolonged it. The question is how long. You can successfully do this in a lame duck. He did it in 2010. But then he lost control of things in 2011. You know, so he did it at the end of 2012, but he lost control of things in 2013. So look, I think the question is can he continue it when the new Congress comes in? Can he continue it after his state of the union? That’s going to be a tougher test. Continue Reading

“Red Kettle Rhymes” by Tarzana Joe and a “FMH” Update

Friday, December 19, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Two things:

First, our campaign to help the Salvation Army continues in full flood.  Tarzana Joe has leaked me tomorrow’s poem, available as all his verse is at TarzanaJoe.blogspot.com, but worth a sneak peak to prompt giving:

“Red Kettle Rhymes” by Tarzana Joe

In Spring, the birds are singing
And in gardens, pretty petals
While now, the bells are ringing
And on corners, there are kettles

Those birds and buds embody
The renewal they proclaim
The coins inside those kettles…
Well, the do about the same

That flowering empowers
The potential in the earth
Your contributions also
Are a part of that rebirth

For where the lost and least
Are waiting, whispering a prayer
Your gracious generosity
Can put an Army there

So when you feel the spirit
And you’re doing as you should
Make sure, then, that you’re giving
Where you’re doing the most good

The Army that I speak of
Is essential to our nation
Named and motivated
By the promise of Salvation

The hosts who speak for Salem
Are committed to their mission
And each year they engage in
Somewhat friendly competition

Prager’s in the running
But Bill Bennett’s in the tank
Gallagher’s so far ahead
We think he robbed a bank.

I urge you to contribute
And I’m confident you’ll do it
So please go click the button
By the picture of Hugh Hewitt

With your participation
Hewitt’s vic’try is a cinch
So please go make it happen
Or he’ll turn into the Grinch.

And thanks to all of you who have inquired about the Fetching Mrs. Hewitt who collided with the glass door at The Apple Store this morning.  The raccoon eyes, gash and broken nose are a bit painful, but she is a daughter of the USMC and fine.  As I noted on the show first hour today, after I had placed her in the EMT’s care for a trip to the  local Waikiki hospital for X-ray and a glue stick, I asked her if I should go to the studio and broadcast — show time was imminent and zero chance of finding a guest host– or accompany her to the ER.  She waived me off, and off I went.  (In my defense, I knew she was going to be fine if in some discomfort for a few weeks.)  I put the question to the audience on the soundness of my call, and the married women broke 50/50 pro and con. By contrast, married men were overwhelmingly condemning of my choice, warning I shall hear of this in the next 32 years of marriage.  Perhaps. Lileks opined it shall be kept by FMH in reserve, like a suitcase nuke, for deployment at a dinner party, and he’s been married a long time too.  Our pal, gifted illustrator Steve Bjorkman, dashed off the definite treatment of the situation every husband faces when confronting a choice between accompanying his wife to the ER or going to work (or play), which I offer to all young married men out there who will confront similar situations in the years ahead:

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