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We Need a Harangue

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Well, AOC-mania seems to be on the wane.  Oh, I still see her name/Initials virtually every time I scan the headlines, but it seems to be reserved for the conservative-view outlets quoting her latest foot-in-mouth.  She has virtually disappeared from the MSM,  and I am not that surprised.  Now that media has hung this stone around the neck of their Dem friends, they are trying to figure out how to remove it before the they drown.  What I do not for the life of me understand is who thought a not-yet-thirty-year-old should be shoved out front like that? Honestly, from the viewpoint of my more-than-sixty-years she is a child.  And yet, the ideas they put her in front of keep moving.

Vermont appears poised to join New York and Virginia in the infanticide business.  That little factoid set me thinking about a VDH column from yesterday:

The reinvention of vocabulary can often be more effective than any social protest movement. Malarial swamps can become healthy “wetlands.” Fetid “dumps” are often rebranded as green “landfills.”

Amen to that.  He goes on to examine other examples of this phenomena concerning terms like “illegal alien” and “affirmative action.”  If you think about it, that is how these states are getting away with this infanticide – rename it “abortion” and suddenly it does not sound quite so threatening.  We go to amazing lengths to justify ourselves.  Set aside for just a moment the sheer inhumanity of these near-birth abortions which proponents claim would only occur when there were serious medical issues, and consider how often doctors can be wrong.  As a nation we struggle so hard to make sure we do not put convicted murderers to death in case “the system” has made a mistake, but how many children will be killed because a doctor made a mistake?  But we justify this in the name of a woman’s rights, enabled by calling infanticide “abortion.”

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Senator Lindsey Graham, Chair of Senate Judiciary, On The Judicial Confirmation Freeze In The New Congress (And Syria)

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Senator Lindsey Graham, Chair of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, joined me this morning:




HH: So pleased to welcome back great friend of the show, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of our favorite guests, second-best interview in America after the President, as a matter of fact. He’s going to be reelected easily in 2020 from South Carolina, and he is now the powerful new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senator Graham, welcome back, good to have you.

LG: Well, thank you. Send money. There’s no easy about this stuff. How are you doing?

HH: Okay, what’s the website?

LG: I don’t know.

HH: You don’t know.

LG: Lindsey Graham, send money.

HH: All right. Look, everybody knows that we are friendly, so this is a tough interview.

LG: Yes.

HH: I want to know, it’s been two months since the new Congress came in. Not one judicial confirmation in the new Congress. Why not?

LG: Well, we reported 46 out of the Judiciary Committee the first week, the most since 1981. We’ll be going to Miller, I think, from California when we get back. And the judicial train is running in the committee, and it will soon hit the floor.

HH: Now there were exactly two nomination hearings in the entire month of February. So conservatives like me who view this, other than military spending, as the most important thing that President Trump does, can you not get your committee to meet like at least weekly to do nominations?

LG: We got 46 people out in one day. So we’ve got to get those people processed. We had, we’ve had hearings for the 9th Circuit. We’ve had hearings for the 2nd Circuit. And we’ve got a real queue. Trust me on this. We will get our judges to the floor. There are 95 district court openings. 25 of them come from states where both of the senators are Democrats. And we have about 8 to 10 Circuit Court nominations to be processed in 2019. And we will hit our goal as much as possible.

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How Smollett Played the Media

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On the Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt –

Jussie Smollett is on the menu.  Salem host Dennis Prager covered the story as a likely hoax when the media still refused to question the troubled star.  And Larry Elder explains why he doesn’t believe racism is a big problem in America today.

Also – Hugh Hewitt talks with history professor Joseph Loconte about his complicated essay found here.  You’ll need a clear head and a fresh pot of coffee for that one.

And Kevin McCullough has Townhall editor Katie Pavlich on to discuss the idea of using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Get the Townhall Review with Hugh Hewitt right here.  Right now.

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) On His (Soon-To-Be-Formal?) Run For The White House

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Congressman Tim Ryan joined me this morning:




HH: Right now, I’m joined by a friend. He’s a Democrat, but he’s still a friend. How can you not like someone who grew up in your hometown and went to your high school? Congressman Tim Ryan is a misguided Democrat, but a wonderful guy. And it’s a little bit awkward, Congressman, because I’ve been telling people this is the headquarters of Republicans For Bernie in the primary, because I want Bernie to get nominated so we can crush him. You kind of scare me. Your kind of Democrat scares me. And are people hearing that out there?

TR: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I’m up in New Hampshire right now. I’ve been to Iowa, obviously, come from Northeast Ohio, and spend most of my time there. And I think most Democrats are looking to get the country back together, unify the country. Most people know workers haven’t been cut in on the deal the last 30 years. But they’re not hostile to business. They know that business is essential. You know, we probably have a different philosophy on how to get there, but you know, we don’t want to be hostile to business. And I think that’s the difference.

HH: I had the most interesting caller in the first hour, Tim Ryan, a heavy equipment operator from Columbus who voted for President Trump, but is going to support Bernie because of health care. And I wonder if you find, and it’s an Ohio voter, right? Ohio went big for Trump. And you survived quite nicely in counties that have never voted for a Republican, Mahoning and Trumbull, that voted for Trump. So do you find Trump voters who connect with Tim Ryan who might not give a Democrat from the far left end of the spectrum a shot?

TR: No question. I mean, it all, it’s all about what we’re focusing on, what issues do we focus on. And if we focus on economics, wages, economic security like pensions, health care, the concerns that everyday workers have, then you know, those workers who went for Trump because of the way he talked about trade, he did talk about raising the top rate on people, he did talk about expanding health care. So I think they felt comfortable. They saw him more as an independent than a Republican. And you know, if he hasn’t delivered on those things like the gentleman from Columbus said, they’ll come back home if we have the right candidate.

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