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The Day Is Upon Us

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It is Pentecost Sunday!  The day we have been waiting for – for what seems like forever since Easter.  This is the day that we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, the day we can begin to recover our humanity.

Some things just stay with you for the rest of your life.  In high school, every Thursday night, before we played on Friday night, my football team had a Bible Study.  Voluntary, of course, but usually about 20-30 guys showed up.  It was lead by the local Young Life staff guy, but the head coach was always there.  One night, Coach and George (the YL staff guy) got into a discussion and for a good ten minutes the adults were talking and the rest of us were watching.  I remember it vividly because it was so extraordinary that they would ignore us like that.  They were discussing what it means to be “human.”

Coach thought being fully human was all about our foibles and overcoming them.  George thought that our foibles made us less than human  and that we only achieved full humanity when we had been fully restored to our perfect created state.  Lo these many decades later when George is home with the Lord and Coach is lost in Alzheimer’s, I find myself landing on George’s side of the discussion.  We, humanity, are created in God’s image; our foibles reflect our animal nature.

Consider how inhuman and animalistic life has been in the past week.

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Director Wim Wenders on the new movie about Pope Francis

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The audio:


The transcript:

HH: That’s Patty Smith singing Those Are The Words. It’s a song that concludes a magnificent new movie, Pope Francis: A Man of His Word, a beautiful film that is in theaters now. I am joined by its director, Wim Wenders. Mr. Wenders, welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show, great to have you on, congratulations.

WW: Good morning. Thank you so much.

HH: I went to see Pope Francis: A Man of His Word the first night it was in the theaters. Focus had sent me a [screener]. I wouldn’t watch it on a computer. I wanted to see it on a big screen, and it’s wonderful. It’s beautiful. It actually captures the potential of the papacy. But what I want to ask you is first some technical stuff. How many hours did you spend with His Holiness?

WW: We had four afternoons, and each time spent a good two hours with him over the course of two years.

HH: That’s pretty remarkable. And of all of the shots, and there are some amazing shots. I’ve been in the favelas of Brazil. I have been in various places in Israel. Which was the most difficult to shoot?

WW: Well, he, his journeys took him, really, everywhere all over the planet. And I didn’t shoot all of this. Sometimes, he was accompanied by a crew of two young cameramen from Vatican TV. Some of it is preceding my involvement. So we had access to the entire archive of the Vatican, and some of these amazing shots from all sorts of places all over the world are not shot by ourselves.

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Townhall Review: U.S. Fulfills Promise to Israel in Embassy Move to Jerusalem

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This week on the Townhall Review:

Lanhee Chen joins me for a discussion on judges, as many vacancies remain.

Salem host Mike Gallagher speaks with Israeli expert and longtime Jerusalem resident Meir Weingarten on the historical move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

And Larry Elder discusses the negative side of the #metoo movement with Heather Mac Donald.

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This weekend’s broadcast, which I host, is found here.

Making Sense Of Things

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Politco Magazine is carrying a Tim Alberta “exit interview” of Arthur Brooks that is a vital read for anybody interested in the intellectual side of conservatism and the Republican Party.  It was especially fascinating to me coming to my attention just a day after finishing my read of the Zito/Todd book, “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics.”  The sources reinforce each other quite nicely.

I want to focus on two quotes from Brooks.  The first is when Brooks and Alberta are discussing the lack of civil discourse in our current culture.  Says Brooks:

I have a book coming out next year called The Culture of Contempt. We’ve created a culture of not anger, not disagreement, it’s contempt. And we need to strike back. We’re the majority. We don’t want this. Americans are being held hostage and terrorized by the fringes. That’s what’s going on here. It’s not like 50 percent of Americans thinks one thing and 50 percent thinks another thing. No, 15 percent on each side are effectively controlling the conversation and 70 percent of us don’t hate each other. I can ask any audience, “How many of you love somebody with whom you disagree politically?” Every hand goes up. And yet, you’re willing to have somebody, some fringe person on your side of the debate, say that your brother-in-law or your mother or your aunt is evil and stupid.

That perfectly captures what I read as the undercurrent throughout “The Great Revolt.”

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