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CNN’s Brian Stelter On The Thursday Debate And Covering Planned Parenthood Outrages

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

CNN’s Brian Stelter joined me today to talk the Thursday debate and covering the Planned Parenthood outrages:

The Audio:


the Transcript:

HH: And what will be discussed at the debate–CNN’s chief media correspondent and the host of Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter. Brian, welcome, great to have you on the program.

BS: Thank you. Good to be here.

HH: Let’s start with the difference it makes to be number eleven and number ten. How important is it to the Friday discussion that one does well as opposed where one does well? debate number one or debate number 2?

BS: Boy, well the 5 p.m. debate will get people talking and it have millions of viewers and maybe, just maybe, it will influence the prime-time debate. You know, if someone says something really interesting, maybe it will come up in the prime-time debate, but the reality is that the highlights of Thursday’s debate, the big moments that we will be talking about Friday morning, they’re almost certainly going to come from that prime-time debate. There really is only one prime-time and it’s gonna be a big deal for Rick Perry, for example, to not be on the prime-time debate.

HH: Now that having be said, on the prime-time stage, on the far-right or left corner will be Chris Christie and John Kasich. I think John Kasich will be like linebacker Paul Kruger of the Browns, a great edge-rusher. I think he’ll go try and tackle the QB’s–Donald Trump here. What do you think? Does it matter where you are on the stage?

BS: It may matter slightly because Donald Trump will be, as you know, as the literal figure in the center-stage. Maybe that makes him more open to attacks, to criticisms from the other candidates, literally coming at him from all directions. But, he’ll also look maybe perhaps very presidential–being in the center-stage along with Jeb Bush. Continue Reading

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The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel On Likeability and 2016, And Whether Huma Goes Or Stays From Team Hillary

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post’s newest addition to their all-star line-up of political reporters, Dave Weigel, joined me to start the third hour today:




HH: I’m beginning this last hour of today’s show with Dave Weigel, now of the Washington Post. Dave Weigel, welcome. It’s the first time I’ve talked to you since you became a Washington Postie.

DW: It is. Now people have to take me seriously, I guess. Before, I was just ranting in the darkness.

HH: Well, I’ve always taken, yeah, but you did not change your Twitter feed. It remains @DaveWeigel

DW: No, there is no Twitter. There should be a Twitter censor, but there is not.

HH: There’s no Twitter censor. Well, congratulations. Does it change your life in any way, or are you still doing what you were doing beforehand, which is traveling around the world at breakneck speed covering politics?

DW: Well, it’s whatever speed the airlines come up with, so not quite breakneck. And yeah, I’m going to be in Cleveland, which I don’t think you have strong opinions about Ohio or Cleveland.

HH: Not at all. I…

DW: Okay, but I’m going to be there. So if anyone has any advice about what I should do there for the debate, and then Atlanta for Red State.

HH: You know, I did get the Donald yesterday to commit to considering buying the Cleveland Indians, which I think is a fine campaign strategy.

DW: That would be huge, yeah. Continue Reading

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty Talking 2016 And The First Debate

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty opened today’s show:




HH: Karen Tumulty joins me. She is of course with the Washington Post, and she’s been following these numbers as close as anyone. Karen, how are you, welcome back to the program.

KT: Thanks. It’s great to be here.

HH: Any surprises in the Fox Poll, and do you think those ten are going to be the ten we see at the big table on Thursday?

KT: Well, one question is that Fox has indicated that if there’s some kind of statistical tie in here, we may have eleven instead of ten. So this is probably the general ten, yes.

HH: And that would leave Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry as the most disappointed people who may have had an expectation, correct?

KT: Yes, but they’ll be getting a lot of time to bond at the kids table debate that is beforehand.

HH: You know, I’ve already booked Carly to be my first guest at the radio special that comes on right after. I don’t think she’s expecting to make it given the overall polls, but I think Rick Perry actually will be deeply disappointed if he doesn’t get up there.

KT: And he’s certainly been, you know, out there criticizing Trump and kind of getting himself into the narrative. Continue Reading

On “Hannity” Tonight Talking 2016, The First Debate, And “The Queen”

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’ll be joining Ann Coulter at the top of tonight’s Sean Hannity Show, talking all things 2016, but especially Donald Trump and, of course, The Queen:


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