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Jeb Bush On The Indiana Law, Iran, and Hillary

Monday, March 30, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is making a California swing this week, and came by the studio today:





HH: I begin with a great drop-in guest, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush joins me in the studio. Governor Bush, welcome to our super secret studio in wonderful Southern California.

JB: I’m glad I found it.

HH: Yeah, it’s not easy.

JB: It’s not easy to find, parking is sparse, but it’s great to be with you, Hugh.

HH: Well, I want to begin with the NCAA’s and then we’ll get to the serious stuff. Now on one hand, we have Kentucky, which is the evil empire coached by Darth Vader, then we’ve got Luke, which is Wisconsin, and we’ve got Princess Leia, which is Michigan State, and then we’ve got Han Solo, who is Duke. What’s your pick?

JB: Well, I picked Virginia, so I got out early. But I think Duke is the only team that can beat Kentucky.

HH: Now this is your dad talking, isn’t it?

JB: A little bit. Coach K is a great motivator, a great leader, and he loves my dad, so look, I’ve got to be loyal.

HH: Can you pick Wisconsin or Michigan in the event that Duke fades over Kentucky?

JB: Yeah.

HH: Okay. You want to be a Big Ten fan, don’t you?

JB: Well, I love Michigan State, too, another great kind of situation – a great coach, these kids seem to play better and better as they go along. Continue Reading

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The Indiana Firestorm

Sunday, March 29, 2015  |  posted by John Schroeder

In case you have missed it, the state of Indiana is in turmoil over the Thursday enactment of a Religious Freedom Restoration act.  It has grown to the point where just two days after signing the bill, the governor is calling for legislation to clarify itGoogle up “religious freedom” and you will note the amount of coverage is stunning.

Why all the hub-bub?  Well according to the local Indianapolis Fox affiliate:

“We have this very particularized conflict between Christians and progressive gay rights interests,” said Indiana University constitutional law professor, John Hill.

To really understand what is at stake, you have to dig into this a bit.

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A Big Difference in the Bush and Clinton “Dynasties”

Saturday, March 28, 2015  |  posted by John Schroeder

So, I’m checking out the excellent profile of Jeb Bush’s religious outreach by Tim Alberta and Tiffany Stanley in the National Journal and was struck by something extraordinary.  (Also, log onto the Hugniverse and check out Hugh’s interview with Alberta in the first hour yesterday.) About mid-way through the piece is a photo of a youthful Jeb hugging his father during his 1994 gubernatorial bid.  It is a moving picture and the familial affection is quite evident.  That transparent genuine affection is in sharp contrast to the emotional content of photos of the Clinton family.

If the 2016 general election indeed ends up as another round of Bush v Clinton, as much as there will be a contrast of party and policy, there will be a contrast of family.  The Bushes by all external appearances are a traditional, and large, family extending over several generations.  The Clintons appear functional, in their own unusual way, and not much else.

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