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On Hannity Tonight, Talking Trump, “The Queen”; C. J. Box in Studio Today

Thursday, July 30, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’ll be on with Sean Hannity and Charles Hurt at the opening of Sean’s show, talking Donald Trump and, of course, The Queen:


And C.J. Box came by studio today to discuss his newest best-seller Badlands:


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Ohio Governor John Kasich On 2016

Thursday, July 30, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Ohio Governor John Kasich joined me to begin my first show after my vacation:




HH: So glad to have as my first guest since being gone for ten days, the Governor of the great state of Ohio, the Honorable John Kasich. Governor Kasich, welcome back, congratulations on your launch, and quite a big fundraising number there on the first couple of months.

JK: Well first of all, before we get into that, where did you go on vacation?

HH: Alaska.

JK: You’re kidding me. Was it great?

HH: It was terrific. Don’t you like Alaska?

JK: Well, I’ve never been there, and I’m going to go there sometime, because people say it is so remarkable in terms of the grizzly bears you see, the incredible water, the mountains, the snow, the ice, the whole deal. I’ve just never gone.

HH: Well, I particularly like it because it’s one of the few states without a professional football team that has beaten the Browns repeatedly in many years, so I really like Alaska.

JK: That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought about that. They do not have a team that’s beaten the Browns. Anyway, so I forget what you asked me.

HH: I wanted to know…

JK: You said, I had a good announcement. You know, some people in the new media actually criticized it, because I didn’t have a teleprompter or a script. And I spoke from notes, which was really great, and I’m really thrilled with how it went, and you know, it seems like a little bit people are getting to know me, Hugh. As you know, we’re, I don’t spend a lot of time with polls, but I’ve been told that I’m now third in New Hampshire, which is pretty cool. And you know, I don’t have the big name ID, because I was taking care of Ohio. I wasn’t, you know, out there taking care of me. Continue Reading

Bravo To The Washington Post’s Robert Samuels For Watching 63 Hours Of Marco Rubio As A City Councilman. Now…

Thursday, July 30, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

if we can only get one WaPo writer to spend 63 hours on Hillary’s State Department emails –those that haven’t been illegally erased– combined with follow up analysis of with whom she was most frequently emailing and what the foreign intelligence agencies which were almost certainly monitoring her traffic in real time were learning thereby– we could get some important reporting done.

The Rubio piece by Samuels is actually very interesting.  Having spent thousands of hours in audiences watching and waiting to address various local government bodies on various land-use issues as a lawyer, and scores of hours actually at the podium, as well as two decades as a state and local-appointed official in public hearings, I know very well the deadly dull run-of-the-mill routine as well as the overarching necessity of elected and appointed officials being accountable to real people as opposed to bureaucrats in offices who don’t even have to answer their phones.  It is a credit to Samuels that he did the story and more to Rubio that he did the time in local office.  Every American political career begun in such an office is unlikely to forget just who it is the EPA is ruining with its sweeping diktats issued from D.C.

Obama, Hillary and the 22nd Amendment

Tuesday, July 28, 2015  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

President Obama told the world Tuesday that he is a “pretty good” president and that he could win a third term if he could run again.

Perhaps our very confident leader has been reading The Queen, and Hillary certainly should have by now, and if she has, she’d know from the first chapter what sort of an incredible opening the president’s remarks provide her.

In the book I urge Hillary to adopt the position that the 22nd Amendment should be repealed as inconsistent with the Framers’ design, destructive of all second terms, and an unfortunate impediment to her husband’s and now President Obama’s tenures in the Oval Office.  Hillary ought to be arguing that both of them deserved third terms, and that President Clinton would have beaten Governor George Bush and that President Obama clearly would win a third term. The upsides of taking this position –as well as of the others I urge on her, including advocating for the abolition of the Electoral College– are much, much superior to the climate change extremism she is now spoutingCombined with the doubling of the capital-gains tax she has proposed and the growing implications of her server scandal, Hillary is rapidly making herself unelectable in the general –a voice from the distant past, trying to sound relevant by picking up the slogans of the Occupy Movement.

There’s still time to head off a serious primary challenge built on growing fears about her weariness and obvious tin-ear, and of course about her scandal-and-catastrophe plagued career at State, but she needs to start thinking outside of the box and reading outside of her staff-generated talking points and recycled ’60s slogans:



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