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David Axelrod On POTUS And FLOTUS Back On The Campaign Trail

Friday, October 21, 2016  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

David Axelrod joined me this AM to discuss the very unique circumstance of a sitting president really campaigning hard:

The audio:


The transcript:

HH: David, welcome, good morning, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

DA: Hey, good to be with you.

HH: David, I called you last night, or Tweeted you, because we have an unusual circumstance. And this is not a partisan conversation. It’s an historical one. Since World War II, there have only been four times where two term presidents have finished their term. You might consider five if you count Johnson as a two term president – 2008 with W., 2000 with William Jefferson Clinton, 1988 with Ronald Reagan, 1960 with Ike, and then 1968 with LBJ if you count that as a two termer. In each of those cases, they didn’t go on the campaign trail, I don’t think.

DA: Right.

HH: …in the way that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are out there. Am I right about that? This is really a unique circumstance?

DA: It is a unique circumstance, but it’s also unique that you have a president who is 1) a political asset to the nominee, and B) is fully supportive of the nominee. I mean, we’ve had cases, for example, with Eisenhower where he was famously reluctant in the case of Nixon to put his pull imprimatur on him. You remember one of the great negative ads of all time was provided by Dwight D. Eisenhower when he was asked if he could name a major decision that Nixon helped him make, and he said at a press conference if you give me a week, I may think of one. Continue Reading


Chuck Todd On Wednesday Night’s Debate

Thursday, October 20, 2016  |  posted by Duane Patterson

Chuck Todd joined me on the morning after the last debate of the very, very long election cycle:




HH: I am joined by NBC’s Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press every Sunday. If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press, and most days on Meet the Press Daily. Chuck, are you still in Las Vegas? Or have you headed east?

CT: No, still in Las Vegas, which means you and I, when we got up this morning, most of the people we ran into, shall we say, were probably enjoying Las Vegas.

HH: A little wobbly as I walked from room to room.

CT: (laughing)

HH: (laughing) You see a lot of interesting things in a casino at 2:45 in the morning. Wow.

CT: Always interesting when you’re sober and they’re not in the middle of the night.

HH: And they’re not. Absolutely true. Chuck Todd, hit me with the neutral, your take on last night.

CT: Well, it’s totally crowded out by, to me, two things, right, that he sort of stepped on it with Trump, which is you know, the headline is this issue with the election, that he’s given three chances by Chris Wallace to say he’s going to, you know, accept the outcome or you know, some form of that, and he wouldn’t do it. It stepped on anything he could have done. I mean, the first 30 minutes, you and I talked about this, the first 30 minutes of that debate was music to Paul Ryan’s ears, Richard Burr’s ears, Mitch McConnell’s ears. I can go on and on. And if he would have been just literally been rendered mute for the next hour, mission accomplished, you know? It’s sort of party kept together, House is saved, Senate’s still competitive. Maybe it’s not enough to catch up in the presidential, but it’s, the Republican Party fights to live another day down the ballot. That isn’t what today is going to be like. Now, there is, Republicans who are looking for a way to distance themselves from Trump without unendorsing have been handed another opportunity today. And you and I both know a bunch of them are going to take that opportunity, because they feel as if they need to be able to say they’re mad at him to swing voters, and still be able to stick with him to his voters. Continue Reading

The Abominably High Cost of Obamacare

Wednesday, October 19, 2016  |  posted by John Schroeder

Who doesn’t have a story of bad customer service?  For most of us those stories center around enormous companies with overseas “hotlines” – telecoms, internet service providers, mobile network providers….  The problems almost always center around the lack of relationship and personal service.  Most of us relish the small, closely held local operation where we are not forced to prove our bona fides, or spend hours recounting what we have already done because the people in the store or vendor know us, they know our concerns, values and capabilities.

My wife and I have been taking our seemingly countless pets for the last several decades to the same neighborhood veterinary clinic.  The place is owned by a neighbor and someone we have considered a friendly acquaintance.  Recently we have noted a general decrease in customer service there.  Each visit we would be confronted with new personnel and have to spend inordinate amounts of time explaining the history of a pet that had been in the clinic half-a-dozen times before.  We would have to have long talks with a new vet about what we were willing and unwilling to do with an animal.  (In this day and age vets offer services for your pets that rival the very best health care given to people – is a stray cat that wandered into your home really worth tens of thousands in medical care?)

This decline in service at our vet clinic of long-standing came to a very ugly head in recent days when one of our pets had to spend multiple days in the clinic and each day’s care team had a different idea about how to treat the cat.  The owner of the clinic is working very hard to make the situation right so I will not go into any more detail, but in the course of trying to work this all out it became apparent what was going on.  No employee of the clinic was full time, hence the daily changes in care teams and the high turnover in employees as they moved on to places where they could get more hours.  Why do you think no one there is a full time employee?  Why so the owner does not have to provide mandated healthcare – of course. Continue Reading

Talking Media Bias With The New York Times’ Michael Shear

Wednesday, October 19, 2016  |  posted by Duane Patterson

The audio:


The transcript:

HH: Let me introduce you to the White House correspondent for the New York Times, the redoubtable Michael Shear. Michael, good morning to you, great to have you. Are you in Las Vegas? Or are you covering the White House per usual?

MS: Covering the White House. I’ll be watching closely tonight, though, on TV. It’s going to be quite an event.

HH: I think it is. Let me ask you about yesterday. The President interjected himself into the campaign again, accused Donald Trump of whining, may have gotten under his skin. Were you at that press avail?

MS: I was not. I was watching it on the live stream. And you know, it struck me that, what really struck me was the extent to which he even suggested that he didn’t want to get drawn into it again, as he almost always does, and then couldn’t help himself. I mean, it really, I think it is not an overstatement to say this is really personal for him between the President and Donald Trump. And you know, and you could see that no matter what, you know, he wanted to jump in again. Continue Reading

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